Office Roxy

August 6, 2009,

And for those of you who like the office attire with your milk, here’s the well proportioned Roxy kickin’ it up a notch in...

Tags: Secretary, Sheer Bra, Stockings

Rainy Daze - Pierced

July 30, 2009,

Over the years, I’ve received a number of requests for lactating women with pierced nipples. Chances are you’ve noticed there...

Tags: Sheer Bra

Keli - Imported Milk

July 16, 2009,

Why is Keli imported milk, you ask? Well, Estrella was recently on a big trip, and one night I was surprised to find her...

Tags: Secretary, Sheer Bra

Rio - Milk and Masturbation

July 2, 2009,

A bunch of people have asked me for “MILFs”. Now, this is somewhat humorous, since by definition, ALL the women on my site...

Tags: Lack of Milk, Masturbation, Sheer Bra

Estrella Drinks Sofia

June 18, 2009,

This week we welcome brand new talent by the name of Sofia. She’s 22, and her baby is just a couple months old, so she’s got...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Drinking

Christina - 7 Months Preg w/ Mom

June 4, 2009,

This week, there are two updates. The reason is that NOT EVERYONE is going to be keen on this update. If you are OFENDED /...

Tags: Mother-Daughter, Sheer Bra, Stockings

Sandra - 2 Minute AutoSream

June 3, 2009,

Remember the Cold War? And how we were supposedly “2 minutes to midnight”? Well, Sandra can actually Auto-Stream long enough...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Auto-Streaming, Pumping

Danyelle - Blue Eyed AutoDripper

May 21, 2009,

Less than a month after posing with Kore, and just days after giving birth, Danyelle is back to show us her milk.


Tags: Auto-Dripping, Leak Through, Nursing Bra, Pumping

Estrella Plays With Luna

May 7, 2009,

Luna and Estrella stopped by for a little fun. Luna won’t even drink her own milk, but Estrella being the wild, crazy girl...

Tags: Drinking, Pumping, Sheer Bra

Kore and Danyelle

April 16, 2009,

Kore is back with her ready to pop friend, Danyelle. At the time of this shoot, Danyelle was only a week away from giving...


Sandra - First Shoot

April 9, 2009,

Sandra has the most different sized and shaped boobs of any woman I’ve ever seen. I chose to work with her pretty much just...

Tags: Leak Through, Nursing Bra, Pumping

Kore Secretary - Part 2

March 29, 2009,

The Kore Secretary set includes over 45 minutes of video and 200+ photos, so it’s broken into 2 parts to keep it in a...

Tags: Pumping, Secretary, Self Sucking, Sheer Bra, Stockings

Kore Secretary - Part 1

March 26, 2009,

The Kore Secretary set includes over 45 minutes of video and 200+ photos, so it’s broken into 3 parts to keep it in a...

Tags: Leak Through, Secretary, Sheer Bra, Stockings

KoreGoddess in the Shower

March 19, 2009,

Lactation Fantasy is pleased to present KoreGoddess – a sensational 38JJ busted mommy. This is just a short teaser video as...

Tags: Bathroom

Lorna Returns w/ Estrella

March 5, 2009,

Lorna turned out to be a very popular model, considering she isn't even lactating. I decided to get her back to get milked on...

Tags: Bathroom, Nursing Bra