Anastasia Drinks Perla - Part 2

November 5, 2010,

This set opens with Perla auto-dripping very slowly, then she gives Anastasia a pregnant belly milk shower, and finishes off...

Tags: Auto-Dripping

Anastasia Drinks Perla - Part 1

October 15, 2010,

This in an extremely long set of everyone’s favorite lactating chubby girl, Perla. She teams up with Anastasia for some milk...

Tags: Leak Through, Sheer Bra, Slowmo

Rosa - Milking in the Mountains

September 17, 2010,

Rosa’s got a unique super power: she can squirt milk right through her bra! In this video, Rosa squirts milk through her bra,...

Tags: Leak Through, Outside

Elle: Puffies from Pumping

September 3, 2010,

What are Puffies? The generally accepted definition of this slang term is when a woman’s areolas protrude significantly and...

Tags: Pumping

Ebony: First Lactation Shoot

August 20, 2010,

Some weeks ago, a member reminded me that I had once posted a promo pic of Ebony that he’d never seen on my site. After he...

Tags: Kitchen, Leak Through

Ebony @ 9 Months

August 6, 2010,

Some weeks ago, a member reminded me that I had once posted a promo pic of Ebony that he’d never seen on my site. After he...


Pantera 2010: Don't Wine About Milk

July 30, 2010,

So here’s Pantera in 2010. It was really amazing to meet up with her again. I could hardly believe how big her boobs had...

Tags: Pumping, Slowmo

Carolina Drinks Nicol

July 16, 2010,

As promised, here’s the lovely Carolina drinking Nicol’s milk. Carolina is a quick learner – she remembered from the first...

Tags: Drinking

Flashback: Pantera in 2005

July 2, 2010,

It’s not every day you run across a lactating model you worked with years ago, long before she even though about having a...


MILFs without Milk: Carolina

June 18, 2010,

Carolina is a friend of Nicol, in fact, they share an apartment. The first time Nicol brought Carolina by to talk about doing...

Tags: Secretary, Sheer Bra, Stockings

Perla: First Shoot

June 4, 2010,

It seems a lot of people like Perla ;-). As in really, really, really like Perla. So here she is again – a bit out of order,...

Tags: Auto-Dripping

Old Skool: C3 & Magnifica

May 21, 2010,

This week, we take a little trip down memory lane. I recently did a “housecleaning” looking for un-posted sets, and lost or...

Tags: Auto-Dripping

Luna: Lactating Plumber

May 7, 2010,

This was a fun session with Luna. She found an old box of costumes, and decided she wanted to be a plumber. A sexy, lactating...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Sheer Bra

Vanity Fox: First Shoot

April 23, 2010,

Fox. Vanity Fox. Squeezed, not squirted. I’m thinking this might be how Vanity introduces herself. Like James Bond, but not....

Tags: Pumping

Mature Lactation: Lola

April 9, 2010,

WARNING: THis set may not be to everyone's taste. If you are not into older women, and all the things that go along with...

Tags: Sheer Bra, Masturbation