Laura Drinks Diana

July 27, 2012,

This week we have the ever popular drinker Laura taking a sip of Diana’s milk. Diana has got big boobs - about a 36F - but...

Tags: Drinking

Lactating Yuli Drinks Mz LongBoobs

July 13, 2012,

Mz. Longboobs is back, along with her lactating friend Yuli. Yuli was "milk curious" (sort of like being "bi-curious"), and...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Drinking, Massage, Sheer Bra, Slowmo

Carolina Drinks Karina

June 29, 2012,

A while back, we saw Karina pregnant. Today is her debut lactating session, paired up with one of my favorite non-lactating...

Tags: Drinking, Slowmo

Camila & Loren: Milk Wars & More

June 1, 2012,

This week’s update is the result of a suggestion by a member. He found our model of the week, Camila, on a webcam site, and...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Auto-Streaming, Slowmo

Shawnee & Hubby

May 18, 2012,

This is a fun set with Shawnee and her husband. As you may have noticed in her previous sessions, she's not very good at...

Tags: Drinking

Shawnee & Hubby - Prelude

May 11, 2012,

This is a short prelude to the session where Shawnee's husband drinks her milk. The day she arrived with her hubby, she...

Tags: Bathroom

Slowmo Tramp (Bonus)

May 4, 2012,

No, no, no, Daphne is not the tramp... the thing she's bouncing on is the tramp. Seriously! It came in a box written in...

Tags: Nursing Bra, Slowmo

Sarah Drinks Mz LongBoobs

April 20, 2012,

This week we have Sarah with the kickin’ body paired up to drink Mz Long. Sarah tells me she’s not popular with the guys,...

Tags: Drinking, Slowmo, Stockings

Chubby Milk in Motion

April 6, 2012,

This set is for the guys who have been requesting chubby girls / big butts / thick thighs. If these things are not to your...

Tags: Self Sucking, Sheer Bra, Slowmo

Carolina Drinking (Do Bras Work?)

March 23, 2012,

This set could be subtitled “Do Bras Work?”. By using nursing bras, opening one side, and filming in hardware slow motion, we...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Drinking, Slowmo

Shawnee: Squirting is Hard

March 9, 2012,

Shawnee really has a lot of trouble squirting! She squeezes, pushes and pulls, and the milk just does not co-operate. Or is...

Tags: Leak Through

Christi & Violeta: Mature Milk

February 24, 2012,

Violeta is quite a sales lady. She sold herself and her friend to me on the premise that SHE had milk. And yes, technically,...

Tags: Drinking, Nursing Bra, Slowmo

Pumping & Double Auto-Streaming

February 10, 2012,

Meet Veronika, a tall, pretty Latina with boobies that are just exploding with milk. Even before I had a chance to get the...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Auto-Streaming, Pumping

Natalia Drinks Mz. LongBoobs

January 27, 2012,

I did get a fair number of positive responses regarding Mz. LongBoobs, and after translating the best / nicest of them for...

Tags: Drinking, Nursing Bra, Sheer Bra, Slowmo

Milkshowers with Sol & Evano

January 6, 2012,

This is Evano’s first session with a lactating girl, so she wasn’t quite sure what to think of the milk, but after the shoot...

Tags: Drinking, Massage, Slowmo