Five Years After

June 1, 2013,

Vallita is back with one of my Favorite MILFs, Catalina. It's been 5 years since we've seen Catalina, so this is a real treat...

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Hotness - Thick & Thin

May 25, 2013,

Helen came over to do a session with Perla and brought her younger sister Keisha along. I asked Keisha if she'd like to try...

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Show & Drink

May 18, 2013,

Remember Show and Tell when you were a kid? Right after I posted the "Spittin' is Quittin" set, I had a different member...

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Spontaneous Masturbation

May 11, 2013,

Alicia is one of those women who have absolutely no curiosity, and no clue about their milk. She said she had milk, which is...

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Elle Does Starbucks

May 4, 2013,

Have you ever been to an apartment building so expensive that there is a free Starbucks coffee, espresso and cappuccino...

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Roxana Drinks Mz LongBoobs

April 26, 2013,

Here’s a fun set with Mz LongBoobs, which introduces a really cute new MILF model, Roxana. Rox has an amazing personality,...

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Spittin' is Quittin'

April 12, 2013,

This session is inspired / requested by a member who used the phrase “spitting is quitting”. Of course, that is normally used...

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Vallita Returns... Lactating

March 8, 2013,

We saw Vallita while she was pregnant a few sessions back. Now she returns lactating. This week she poses with mature Siona,...

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Real Lesbian Drinker

February 8, 2013,

Meet Vanesa and Coral – ya, like a coral reef in the ocean. Vanesa is a very pleasant, very straight housewife, meanwhile...

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Mature Milk & Massage

January 25, 2013,

This set is for the mature milk fans, featuring 38 year old Rosette supplying the milk, and 43 year old Eva doing the...

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Vallita - Pregnant Secretary

January 2, 2013,

I’m gonna kick 2013 off with something different – something I haven’t done for a long, long time. Pregnant. Normally I don’t...

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Living Lactating Barbie (Doll)

December 7, 2012,

Maybe you’ve seen the news lately, about girls getting surgery to make themselves look like dolls, you know, big eyes, slim...

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SuperMILF Tania & Mz LongBoobs

November 9, 2012,

Mz. Longboobs makes another appearance, this time with one of the hottest mature women I know, the amazing SuperMILF Tania. ...

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Spartacus Milk Pour

October 12, 2012,

A while back I was watching re-runs of the Spartacus TV series, and for some reason, a bunch of the girls I work with became...

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Camila & Natacha

August 10, 2012,

Time for another Camila update. I like this session a lot because her veins were really popping out in her boobs, and she...

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