La Flaquita

February 1, 2006,

This week’s update girls arrived for a shoot together, but each one wanted to be the star of her own video. And once I turned...



January 25, 2006,

Loca-tation: crazy, or silly girls Lactating. It really isn’t necessary to understand Spanish to have a lot of fun watching...

Tags: Bathroom, Kitchen

Carmen's Maternity Bra

January 18, 2006,

Maternity bras seem to be in short supply in Latin America. Carmen was the only girl to show up with one during all of our...

Tags: Nursing Bra

Milking with Veronica

January 11, 2006,

Veronica is a quiet, shy large breasted cutie with TONS of milk. The video camera operator for the movie in this set was...

Tags: Kitchen, Leak Through, Sheer Bra

Linda - Thru the Open Window

January 4, 2006,

The real focus of these photos and videos is 19 year old Linda (in Spanish you say this like "Lean-DA, and it means pretty or...


Milk Wars Episode 1

December 28, 2005,

Not so long ago, in a town far, far away... Milk Wars! Sevilla plays the part of the evil queen from the Simu-Milk Empire,...


Backstage - The Zipper Problem

December 25, 2005,

Today’s photo & video set introduces a new concept – something we’re going to call the “Backstage Pass”. Backstage pass sets...


Milk on her Cookie

December 21, 2005,

You already know Sevilla (pronounced Se-VEE-ya)... she appears in the "Amazing Squirters" video / photos with Tatiana. In...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Sheer Bra

Milkin in the Shower

December 17, 2005,

Christina doesn't breast feed her baby, so she does not have a lot of milk. But she sure is cute, so maybe we can forgive her...

Tags: Bathroom, Leak Through

Breakfast at Janines

December 7, 2005,

Janine is one of those girls that has got a nearly endless supply of milk. She was a delight to work with because she never,...

Tags: Kitchen, Leak Through

RoofTop Refreshment

November 30, 2005,

We shot this video on the roof of a shopping center. Shoppers walking by one level down would have been able to see the...

Tags: Outside

Sofia at the Sink

November 25, 2005,

The world's FIRST High Definition Lactation Video!!! Yep, that's right, this is a genuine world's first, ONLY at...


The Breakfast Club

November 16, 2005,

Grazia starts to prepare her normal breakfast of cereal and coffee with milk. But just then her friend Solana shows up and...


Introducing Jetta

November 2, 2005,

Don't let the small size of Jetta's boobs fool you... She's GOT MILK! Yes, we were skeptical too when she first showed up for...


Tatiana Drinks!

October 26, 2005,

This is a nice artsy set of Tatiana and her friend Sofia playing with each other's milk... and drinking a little too!