Punk Milker

April 26, 2006,

This week we meet the “Punk Milker”, C3 aka Alejandra. Don’t worry, she will introduce herself later, but she’s very shy...

Tags: Leak Through, Sheer Bra

Fruit Juice

April 19, 2006,

This week’s update features Janine and introduces Sandy. Sandy was super nervous… and nerves are no friend of let down, or...

Tags: Drinking, Kitchen, Outside

Defying Gravity

April 12, 2006,

This week’s update introduces Telma. In English, that would be Thelma – in Latina America it is common to leave off the “h”,...

Tags: Sheer Bra

Brown Eyed Girl

April 5, 2006,

This week’s update features Sevilla (Se-vee-yah) again. You’ve already met her in “Bedtime Snack – Milk on her Cookie”, and...

Tags: Leak Through, Outside

La Loca Lactates

March 29, 2006,

While you’ve already met Maria Loca in a previous update (with her loca friend Claudia), today’s update is actually Maria’s...

Tags: Leak Through

The Funky Magenta Bra

March 22, 2006,

Since we started with the video during this session, there were no milk shortages here at all! Chrisanna's magenta bra was...

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March 15, 2006,

The only thing this week's update has in common with the brand name prescription pain killer Percocet is... well, you might...


Cooking With Veronica

March 8, 2006,

Veronica came back for another shoot, and I’m sure there won’t be many complaints about that ;-) She’s very shy, and doesn’t...

Tags: Kitchen, Leak Through

Scrambled Eggs

March 1, 2006,

The lost update! This is actually a series that begins with this video, and concludes with the “Fruit Salad” video. Somehow,...

Tags: Kitchen, Leak Through, Sheer Bra

The Fruit Salad

March 1, 2006,

This week we’ve got Veronica and Janine making a fruit salad. What do fruit salad and milk have to do with each other you...

Tags: Kitchen, Sheer Bra

Dancing Sisters

February 22, 2006,

Just a note to hardcore lactation fanatics… this week’s video is not a lactation video per se. Yes, Flor has milk in her...


Flor Squirts

February 22, 2006,

The title of this set needs no explanation at all. Enjoy the super pretty Flor while she hooks you up with your milk fix this...


Chinita Around the House

February 15, 2006,

This week’s update features Chinita solo. In the video you will see her introduce herself as Claudia (“Hola, soy Claudia”)...

Tags: Sheer Bra

Funny Faces

February 8, 2006,

This week we’ve got Claudia Loca all by herself. Things got a little out of sequence, since this video is from her first...

Tags: Bathroom, Leak Through

La Gordita

February 1, 2006,

This week’s update girls arrived for a shoot together, but each one wanted to be the star of her own video. And once I turned...