Two Auto-Drippers

January 17, 2007,

Fans of auto-dripping should be ecstatic with this week’s video – both Maria and Mariela end up having nice auto-drip...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Leak Through, Pumping

The Milk-MILF

January 10, 2007,

The two updates with mature Telma were astoundingly popular, and we got a lot of requests to see another mature milker. Forty...

Tags: Leak Through, Pumping

Rosa Inside

January 3, 2007,

This is a simple set based on 50’s style pin-up – no mechanical tools, no fancy shooting, just big breasts, nice girl, and...


The Autodrip Sisters - Week 2

December 27, 2006,

This week, Marioni uses the electric pump for a while, and as she switches sides with the pump, the breast she has just been...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Auto-Streaming, Pumping, Slowmo

The Autodrip Sisters - Week 1

December 20, 2006,

Seems that pretty much everyone loves Jovana, so we just had to bring her back again. She came over with her sister, and when...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Auto-Streaming, Leak Through, Sheer Bra, Slowmo

Cindi and Cheyla

December 13, 2006,

The first video, “Caution” is the only one that features lactation, but there are a lot of Cindi fans (even when she’s not...


Perky Perky Pamela

December 6, 2006,

Pamela has got a really, really lovely face and body. So nice in fact, I think I will let her videos speak for themselves,...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Leak Through, Nursing Bra, Pumping

Pregnant & Lactating

November 29, 2006,

This week we’ve got Janine and Bonita “kicking it up a notch” – although neither of them say “BAM”. Since these girls are...

Tags: Auto-Dripping , Drinking , Pumping, Stockings

Milky Mountains - Part 2

November 22, 2006,

Part 2 includes bonus footage of the girls playing and dancing - be sure to watch all the way to the end!


Tags: Outside

Milky Mountains - Part 1

November 22, 2006,

Somebody sent us an email which said “I want to see something really different”. No indication of what it was he wanted to...

Tags: Outside

A Family Affair - Intro

November 15, 2006,

This video is a short intro where Paola introduces herself and her mom, and also includes some backstage footage after the...

Tags: Mother-Daughter, Stockings

A Family Affair

November 15, 2006,

NOTE - The introduction to this lactation video can be found in the associated glamour nude set, and also includes a back...

Tags: Leak Through, Mother-Daughter, Pumping

Eyes of Liquid Bronze

November 8, 2006,

Wendy, the girl with the liquid bronze eyes, is back, this time with her friend Paola. The girls do a little bit of...

Tags: Leak Through, Pumping, Sheer Bra

Punker in the Kitchen

November 1, 2006,

The ever popular Alejandra does some serious squirting, a little nipple play, and some dancing. Blooper alert – While...

Tags: Pumping

Angelica - The Girl with 4 Nipples

October 25, 2006,

Bukkake – Lactation Style

What would it look like if the girl got a big load of breast milk shot all over her...