Sexy Carla Glam Set

July 4, 2007,

The incredibly sexy Carla showed up for a photo shoot one day, and somehow she did not know we were looking for lactating...

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Sexy Carla Lactating

July 4, 2007,

Well, it’s Independence Day in the USA. So while we’re on the topic of Independence, let’s take a look at free speech. Did...

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Canela - Pre Prego Set 1

June 29, 2007,

Meet the very sexy and highly photogenic Canela. She’s currently about 4 months pregnant, and we’ll get to those photos soon...


Leila - The Sultry One

June 27, 2007,

Leila has a way of being serious, friendly and sexy all at the same time. Some of you prefer a woman who doesn’t smile, and I...

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Milk's Favorite Cookie

June 20, 2007,

My cameraman and I were staying with a guy who was crazy about Oreo cookies. I’m not much for cookies myself, so I’d never...


Daniela - Fit to be Tied

June 13, 2007,

I’m going to credit this week’s set idea to Kevin. I know that will make him happy – so c’mon everyone, repeat after me:...

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Mary's Milk Milf

June 6, 2007,

Some of you will remember Mary from the recent “My Posse” set. On that shoot, she just came along for the free lunch, and a...

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The Mask of Zorra

May 30, 2007,

For the first time ever, this week we have a masked milker, Piola, or as I call her, Zorra (the feminine version of “Zorro”)....

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Ivon - Petite n Perky

May 23, 2007,

Natacha called up in a panic: "How soon can you shoot some pictures?". Uhhh, tomorrow? "Can't you do them today? I've got a...

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Milk Wars - The Milky Menace

May 16, 2007,

Janine and Chinita battle it out in a major milk war! Janine has got bigger breasts, but I think Chinita definitely holds her...

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Veronica - Dripping for You

May 9, 2007,

Astute observers will recognize Veronica from an earlier update where she had a distinct “lack of milk”. Because of her perky...

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Have a glass of MY milk!

May 2, 2007,

There’s a nice video this week, but the still photo section is a little short. I was still extremely sick from Dengue Fever...

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Cute & Chubby at 4 Months

May 2, 2007,

Katarine was probably a little overweight even before she got pregnant, but she’s just so adorably cute, how can you possibly...


Friends Who Lactate Together

April 25, 2007,

This set has got lots of great milk action, the girls really outdid themselves here! Lots of variety here, and some...

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My Posse - Andes Waterfall

April 18, 2007,

Valentina and Lucho are back, this time outside at a waterfall in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. I decided to call...

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