Elle @ 6 Months

December 6, 2007,

This is cute little Elle at 6 months. She’s got a great “naughty librarian” look, don’t you think? She says she’ll be back at...


Kelly's New Landing Strip

November 28, 2007,

As mentioned in Kelly’s first update, she was growing a bush in order to do a shoot for another web site (yes, you’ll...

Tags: Bathroom, Sheer Bra

Daniela Visits Natacha's Farm - 2

November 21, 2007,

This is the second part of our big rice farm adventure, and I refer you back to part 1 if you are looking for the story...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Drinking, Outside, Pumping

Crystal Blue

November 14, 2007,

Crystal stopped by over the weekend with her trusty sidekick (well, ok, sister) Ebony. Ebony wanted to show off her “ready to...


Colette @ 6 Months - Birthday Suit

November 14, 2007,

This is Colette, the model who is interested in doing a hardcore shoot with her husband. This is her first shoot with for any...


Lisa - My Milk, Cow Milk

November 7, 2007,

This week Lisa shows off her own milk along with a glass of good ole cow milk. And teases that thong down just enough to hint...

Tags: Lack of Milk

Daniela Visits Natacha's Farm - 1

October 31, 2007,

It took an astounding 4 days to edit and condense this week’s update down to a size that most members will find palatable for...

Tags: Outside

Opal @ 6 Weeks - Pt 1

October 28, 2007,

Opal sent me some really terrible cell phone pics, asking if I was interested in doing a photo shoot with her. A lot of...


Kelly's Perfect Breasts!

October 24, 2007,

This is Kelly’s first shoot. She showed up with so many cute outfits, it was just impossible not to do some glamour shots...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Kitchen, Pumping

Pumping with Zorra

October 17, 2007,

Zorra gets some nice Auto-Drip action going here. I was hoping for full Auto-Streaming, and quite often using the electric...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Kitchen, Leak Through, Pumping, Sheer Bra

Ebony @ 8 Months

October 10, 2007,

For the first time ever this week, we feature a pregnant model instead of a lactating model. But I can’t think of anyone more...


Crystal Fountains - Part 2

October 3, 2007,

This update is for those who requested a model leaking through a thin white t-shirt without any bra. Crystal is perfect for...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Auto-Streaming, Leak Through

Crystal Fountains - Part 1

September 26, 2007,

Auto-Streaming fans are going to love Crystal. Since she just had her baby recently, she has got absolutely TONS of milk, and...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Auto-Streaming

Daniela - Pin-up Bonus Set

September 20, 2007,

This is a short set for those of you requesting more photos and video of Daniela in lingerie. There will be a future update...


Introducing Lisa

September 19, 2007,

We’re pleased to present our very first “Gringa” – in Latin America, Gringo (M) and Gringa (F) are used to refer to any...

Tags: Lack of Milk, Leak Through