Katrine - Pregnant & Playful

April 17, 2008,

Katrine is almost 6 feet tall, and has bright crystal blue eyes. After doing some posing, she decided she wanted to try out...

Tags: Masturbation

Introducing Katrine

April 15, 2008,

Katrine is a new Russian model. She’s 9 months pregnant, and comes complete with a charming accent. At almost 6 feet tall,...

Tags: Outside

Elle's Auto-Drip Puffies

April 10, 2008,

Auto-Drip fans should really like Elle because when she pumps one breast, the other side starts to drip soon after. As...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Pumping, Nursing Bra,

Amber Sky - Bonus

April 8, 2008,

Amber Sky is an adult actress – if you are an avid watcher of porn, then you might also know her as Jordan Sky from back in...

Tags: Slowmo

Priceless - First Milk

April 2, 2008,

Priceless really has a lot of fun posing and making videos. She actually prefers making videos, so it’s easy for the video to...

Tags: Leak Through, Pumping, Sheer Bra

Val Plays

March 27, 2008,

Since Val was having problems getting her milk to come out, she agreed to complete her shoot by playing with an egg. No, not...

Tags: Lack of Milk, Pumping, Masturbation, Nursing Bra

Priceless @ 7 Months

March 26, 2008,

Meet Priceless. In this set she’s pregnant – but in the blink of an eye, you’re going to see her lactating, through the magic...


Val's Milk Shortage

March 19, 2008,

Val is a real sweetie with one of those oh-so-enjoyable cuddly, curvy bodies. Despite having given birth just 6 weeks before...

Tags: Lack of Milk, Leak Through, Pumping

Ebony - French Toast

March 12, 2008,

French toast, anyone? Ebony cooks up a nice little breakfast for us using her own milk. She uses the pump and good old hand...

Tags: Kitchen, Leak Through, Pumping, Sheer Bra

Daniela's Stretch Bra

March 5, 2008,

Digging through a pile of tapes, I discovered some un-posted Daniela footage. In the photos, she starts off with a bra that...

Tags: Leak Through, Pumping

Sara - Pregnant School

February 27, 2008,

Sexy Sara is 7 months pregnant. She’s a little shy at first, but quickly warms up to the idea of getting naked in front of...


Lisa - Milk & Moisturizer

February 20, 2008,

In this final Lisa set, she really goes "boobs to the wall" (woman’s version of "balls to the wall" - hehehe) to heat things...

Tags: Lack of Milk, Leak Through

Tres Leches

February 14, 2008,

In this set, Elle took a little artistic license, and substituted her milk, coconut milk, cream, and some breakfast cereal to...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Leak Through, Pumping

Elle @ 9 Months

February 12, 2008,

Elle is back one more time before she gives birth. She’s at 9 months, and due any day now – in fact, she was having some mild...


Hallie @ 7 Months - 1

February 7, 2008,

Meet Hallie, a super cutie with amazing boobs from the land of Havana cigars, and Fidel Castro. Her boobs are so amazing, I...