Eva - Guitar Hero

February 12, 2009,

In this video, Eva poses with two classics – the Fender Stratocaster, possibly the best known rock & roll guitar of all time,...

Tags: Auto-Dripping

Katrine - You're Fired !!! (Lace)

February 5, 2009,

Ahh, Katrine. I had such high hopes for her. You can find this foxy 5’ 11” Russian beauty back a few pages when she was...

Tags: Lack of Milk, Pumping

Katrine - You're Fired !!! (Maroon)

January 29, 2009,

Ahh, Katrine. I had such high hopes for her. You can find this foxy 5’ 11” Russian beauty back a few pages when she was...

Tags: Lack of Milk

Charles Drinks Mya

January 15, 2009,

I’ve had a lot of requests recently for guys drinking a girl’s milk. Of course, there are always requests for girls drinking...

Tags: Drinking

Mya's First Shoot

January 8, 2009,

Meet Mya – a super shy girl with a sweet personality, and plenty of milk. A friend was helping me with these sets, and he’s...

Tags: Leak Through, Pumping

Introducing Eva - TrueBlonde

January 1, 2009,


Part 1 is Auto-Dripping. There is also a short auto-stream, watch closely - because of Eva’s pale skin, and...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Auto-Streaming, Pumping

Taylor EnTranced

December 28, 2008,

Here’s another set of the incredible Taylor. During her first shoot, she asked me to play some music, saying it would make...

Tags: Slowmo

Estrella - Happy Milkidays

December 24, 2008,

Estrella wishes everyone a happy holiday season. She’s been a pretty bad girl this year, but she’s hoping that Santa will...

Tags: Masturbation

Luna - Busty Mamacita

December 17, 2008,

Luna was difficult, very difficult. It all started when Estrella brought her by my apartment one day. Luna was wearing a thin...

Tags: Stockings

Kelli - Pantyless Secretary

December 3, 2008,

Have you ever heard or read those stories about an absolute unknown actor or an actress who gets the part in a movie even...

Tags: Lack of Milk, Secretary, Sheer Bra, Stockings

Zorra - Good to the last drop

November 26, 2008,

Zorra’s back one more time to model a few bras that seem to be somewhat too small for her, and then make some coffee while...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Kitchen, Nursing Bra, Slowmo

Elle - AutoDrip Exercises

November 19, 2008,

Elle knows how much some of you like accidental leak through, so she actually showed up for this photo shoot with her shirt...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Leak Through, Pumping

Bonus - Valentina, Mary & Dora

November 14, 2008,

This bonus set even has a mini lactation update. You already know Valentina and Mary from previous updates, and if you look...


Mia & Anastasia - Learning to Drink

November 12, 2008,

After Anastasia became accustomed to the milk, she decided she wanted to try drinking it. I was thinking “no, please don’t do...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Drinking

Bonus - La Enmascarada

November 7, 2008,

It’s pretty rare that anyone gets to appear on this site while wearing a mask – but there was just no other way to get this...