Tit Sucking Gives Me Giggles

May 15, 2015,

Sharon gets a case of the giggles while trying to do a little tit sucking in this lactation video.

Ya, I know, some...

Tags: Drinking, Massage, Nursing Bra, Slowmo

Cafe a la Pantera

April 3, 2015,

Pantera whips up a little coffee in her own style for her friends Carolina & Nicol, and breaks out Auto-Streaming while doing...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Auto-Streaming, Drinking, Slowmo

The Little Big Milker

March 20, 2015,

Malaika may not be very big, but she's got lots of milk, as her friend Chandell quickly discovers.

Just like Colin...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Auto-Streaming, Bathroom, Drinking, Pumping, Slowmo

Nympho Drinker

March 6, 2015,

Real life nymphomaniac Dalila does her own thing with Sayoa in one of the best first first sessions ever!

Dalila is...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Drinking, Slowmo

Leona On Her Own

November 21, 2014,

We got started on this session due to some special requests from a French film maker, most of which involved...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Auto-Streaming, Pumping, Self Sucking, Slowmo

Family Resemblance

November 7, 2014,

Do you see a resemblance? This week we have sisters Carolina and Delinne putting on a little lactation show!

Some of...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Bathroom, Drinking, Pumping, Sheer Bra, Slowmo

Snow White (Halloween)

October 31, 2014,

Honey stops by for Halloween as a lactating Snow White.

I'm normally not much for doing sessions based on seasonal...

Tags: Pumping

Double Sucking

October 10, 2014,

Chubby Sol engages in self-sucking while Alexandra sucks the other side.

A lot of people seem to like self sucking,...

Tags: Bathroom, Drinking, Self Sucking, Slowmo

Shy Mary

September 26, 2014,

Introducing Mary Cruz, a slim girl with boobs just popping with milk.

Mary is kinda shy about posing, and she's one...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Leak Through, Nursing Bra, Pumping, Slowmo

Auriana - Electric Pumping

September 12, 2014,

Naughty Irish Auriana stopped by one night to offload a little milk before hitting the dance club in her plunging...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Pumping

Luna - Bras & Glass Table

August 29, 2014,

This is an "old school" lactation video, with the lovely Luna on her own, playing with bras, and squirting...

Tags: Leak Through, Sheer Bra

Veronika & Lorna

August 8, 2014,

Veronika goes into spontaneous auto-dripping at least 3 times, and Lorna isn't shy about lubing up with milk and...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Bathroom, Drinking, Leak Through, Masturbation

Elvira - Stockings & Leak-Through

July 25, 2014,

An epic leak-through and auto-dripping lactation video with Elvira and her chubby friend Dhara.

This video is a text...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Bathroom, Leak Through, Massage, Secretary, Slowmo, Stockings

Dripping & dripping & dripping...

July 11, 2014,

Yohana can't stop auto-dripping, and Laura returns to do some drinking in this lactation video.

Yohana seems to be...

Tags: Auto-Dripping, Bathroom, Drinking, Slowmo

Big Bras, Big Boobs...

June 27, 2014,

One of my favorite dates, uhh, models, Carolina is back with Mz LongBoobs to try on some bras, and do a little...

Tags: Drinking, Bathroom, Nursing Bra, Sheer Bra, Slowmo